Read what previous clients had to say about their experience with us, and then come make your own memories!

  • Theresa, I really loved your horse. Also loved the ride.
      —Bradley, 11 yrs old (Montana)

  • Thank you very much Theresa. The view was magnificent. I wish you luck with your business.
      —Paul D. (Louisiana)

  • Thank you for the fabulous time. Wonderful time for the family & me. Take care & God bless.
      —Steen Family (Louisiana)

  • Thank you! The ride was awesome and your helpfulness with our beginner was greatly appreciated! Have a great summer! We hope to see you again soon! Happy Trails!
      —Vigil Family (Colorado)

  • Thank you so much! What an absolutely magnificent experience. My daughter and I absolutely enjoyed it.
      —White Family (Illinois)

  • Teresa, you are awesome! What a great ride with great horses. Beginner and experienced can enjoy without hesitation. And your knowledge of the land—amazing. Thank you so much. I will be back.
      —Jennifer C. (Oklahoma)

  • Awesome ride! Perfect weather & a sea of Yellow Clover. Very cool stop above the Pictograph Caves.
      —Nelson's (Oregon)

  • Thank you for a lovely ride, Yellow! Rocky was a gentleman. Thanks for a great ride.
      —Muncy's (Virginia)

  • It was my first time riding and I had a fantastic time. Everyone was so friendly. Thanks for a great day!
      —Molly P. (Georgia)

  • It was my first time riding and I had the best time ever. Our guide was very sweet and friendly. Thank you for everything!
      —Monica P. (Georgia)

  • Thank you for a great time. Rocky was great!
      —Susan and Tom (Montana)

  • Thanks for a great trail ride in Montana! Smokey was a perfect gentleman and you were a great host! Thanks again and we'll see ya when we come back out west!
      —Ashley (New York)

  • Thank you so much! So much fun.
      —Megan (Billings, Montana)

  • Thanks! So much fun!
      —Rachel (Seattle, Wa)

  • Thank you! That was amazing!! Thank you so much! I had a great time! I will definitely be back!
      —Natalie & Lainey (Texas)

  • It was a great time. Thank you so much for making the last day of our West vacation the best day!
      —Constantine Family (Massachusetts)

  • Thank you for sharing your lovely piece of America with us! It is awesome.
      —Wojcik Family (Massachusetts)

  • Rocky is a super horse. Most enjoyable ride ever.
      —Jacky (Florida)

  • Smoky was great. I think we really bonded! I hope I can come back here in the future! I loved this place and all the horses! This experience was INCREDIBLE! Yellow was so gentle and loving! I felt like we bonded, he felt the love in me and felt the love in him. Thank you so much and I hope I can come in the near future.
      —Cierra & Cody (Florida)

  • Thanks for the very enjoyable ride. Bo, Sadie, Smokey, Mickey, & Buck were delightful, but especially you, Theresa! We'll be back!
      —Nicholas' (South Dakota)

  • Thank you for a wonderful ride. It was the first ride for one of my daughters and it was definitely special. Your family is wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us!
      —Meola Family (New Jersey)

  • I loved Rocky! The trail was pretty, I had a great time! Mickey was a really good horse; thanks it was a lot of fun! We'll be back.
      —Paris and Angel (Las Vegas, NV)

  • I really enjoyed the ride! Thank you (and Mickey) so much!
      —Caitlin (Florida)

  • We had a great time and look forward to a second trip here. Thank you!
      —Garrison's (Oklahoma)

  • Thank you for a wonderful ride, we really enjoyed it.
      —Julian, Cord, Haley (Florida)

  • What a great experience. Thanks for the ride, I enjoyed it. Rocky was very good!
      —Bernard Family (Saskatchewan, Canada)

  • Thanks for the ride, Yellow. It was fun, you are a great horse! Thanks for a great Montana experience. It was awesome.
      —Hooper Family (Saskatchewan, Canada)

  • We loved your ranch and hospitality—we will see you the same weekend next summer! Thank you so much!
      —Theresa, Ella & Hannah (Minnesota)

  • Loved the ride & catching the bull — what an adventure! Thank you so much, guys!
      —Elena (Russia)

  • Awesome time! Thanks so much for the truly authentic Montana ride! Loved it! If you're ever in Canada, come say hi!
      —Haley (Newfoundland)

  • Thanks for the most wonderful ride in the great outdoors. Think the best ride of our life—just incredible. Felt like a real cowgirl & the feel of the west.
      —Jim & Carolyn (New York)

  • Great morning! Horses and guide were wonderful.
      —Jerry (Billings, MT)

  • What an awesome experience — such beautiful land and so close to town! Thank you for this opportunity. We will be back!
      —Kathy (Billings, MT)

  • Theresa, The ride, the land, the stories & the history—you carry a great ‘trust' for all mankind. Thank you.
      —Margo & Raoul (Chicago, IL)

  • Thanks so much for helping with our Birthday Surprise! We'll do it again.
      —Robin (Billings, MT)

  • Thank you so much I had a fun time. Thank you. We had a great time! Today was great I will never forget it.
      —Jenna, Sarah, & Rachel (Montana)

  • We had just the BEST time!! Thanks for all your extra effort for lunch and everything!
      —Peterson's (Arkansas)

  • Thanks for sharing this beautiful country! Teresa & the trail horses are outstanding!
      —Keeler's (Tennessee)

  • Thank you for an incredible experience!! I love Yellow!
      —Lisa K. (Reno, NV)

  • Beautiful scenery, wonderful steeds, romantic wine & cheese, exquisite dinner…what can I say? The perfect evening! Thank you so much for everything. This was a memorable night that we will cherish forever. We will make sure to get the word out! God bless!
      —Fernando & Rachel (California/North Carolina)

  • Had a wonderful time and just loved the experience! Looking forward to bringing many friends & family!
      —Robin C. (Billings, MT)

  • I loved the trip it was so much fun. Yellow was fantastic as well. Hope we come back soon.
      —Jazmine T.

  • I loved it! I loved Mickey too he was sweet. Hope to come again.
      —Taylor B.

  • Loved it! Beautiful views.
      —Vollert's (Texas)

  • C'etait tres chouette. A refaire absolument. (It was very nice. Absolutely do again.)
      —Kay L. (Brussels, Belgium)

  • Los caballos son preciosos y las vistas bonitos. (Horses are beautiful and nice views)
      —Maria (8 yrs. old, from Spain

  • What a wonderful way to experience Montana. We and our kids had a great afternoon!
      —Tamminga Family (Michigan)

  • I had fun—good experience. I enjoyed it.
      —Kathleen C. (Florida)

  • Thanks for a wonderful time! Lord bless you!
      —Pennell's (Texas)

  • Had a wonderful time. The area is beautiful. Thank you & God bless.
      —Kraft's (Billings)

  • This is the best thing I have ever done. I like all of you and horses. I fell in love with Rocky. I'll come back as soon as possible. I like here too much.
      —Ece T. (Turkey)

  • Thank you for everything! It was so great. This was the best day of my life. I'll never forget that! I'm so lucky to be here and meet you! See you again soon!
      —Emel S. (Turkey)

  • Thanks for everything it was really entertaining to be with horses and go for a ride. I like it really much.
      —Andres A. (Mexico)

  • It was a great ride! Theresa & Sarah were great with the kids! My girls loved it!   —Robert, Shannon, Aysia & Jaida (Billings)



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